We are fundamentally new in the system of relationships both within the team and in communication with the outside world, the medical structure in Ukraine. Our main principles are:
  1. Maximum openness in everything, including financing and income distribution.
  2. Participation of all members of the collective without exception in making decisions related to the company's activities
  3. Possibility of obtaining additional knowledge and skills both inside the company and outside it
  4. The autonomy of the doctors of the clinic and teachers of the training center when forming the expenditure part of the budget of the direction they are headed. In practice, this implies calculating the incomes of the doctor (teacher) as a share of net profit, while the doctor (teacher) is responsible for the expenditure part of the budget of the direction he directs. </ Li>
  5. Virtualization of the accounting part In practice it is the implementation of a computer program for managing the clinic without the ability to administer data "retroactively." </ li>
Says the owner of the company, orthodontist Andrei Kusch: "I will not surprise anyone with a statement about the catastrophic state of our country, its politics, its economy, its culture, etc. We can list all spheres of normal human activity, but the result will be the same: everything is bad for us, and so it was, the last statement is not my point of view, but it is so common among our fellow citizens that I would call it prevalent. "Personally, I almost never had a feeling of despair." On the contrary, difficulties always led to a tone, created a precedent for create New neural connections in the cortex and, as a result, led to victories, first of all, to victories over our laziness in all its expressions. So, let's start, actually, the goals and objectives! The goal we have is the "bright future" we do not need to explain this, but on the way to it we have to solve a number of problems.Therefore, we came up with an advertising campaign for recruiting personnel to the Innovative Medical Orthodontic-Stomatological, and also the Education Center "Ortokon Plus". The main task of the campaign is to notify the target audience in the person of thinking and developing specialists about the incredible opportunities that can be opened before them ... if very lucky))) There are many reasons for such an unprecedented event, but the main one is the physical need of a group of people to improve what they are doing. Yes, it sounds trite, but true. Plus - the inability to fully develop in conditions of insufficient competition, which was formed in some areas of our center. Plus - we moved to a new own building, designed and built specifically for the new center with a large number of doctors and staff. Plus - we want to make maximum use of the opportunities of the modern information society in search of "fresh blood". Moreover, in this direction, we already have a positive experience: a physician-orthodontist-gnatologist from Belarus has been working for us for 5 years, the general director of the company from St. Petersburg - more than 2 years, begin cooperation with another young (36 years old ), but already an outstanding stomatologist-orthopedist from Kharkov. In addition, students of the 5th and 2nd year of the medical university are on probation. In total, only in the clinical division of our company work: 4 doctors on a permanent basis, 2 incoming specialists, 5 assistants, coordinator and administrators of the clinic. There are also managers and specialists working in other areas (not only in the clinic): the courier, the manager for educational programs and advertising, the accountant and, of course (where without the bosses))) - the financial director and the general director. At the moment our center has been functioning and thriving for 22 years, since 1993. Earlier we were called "Alenta", but a few years ago with the light hand of the glorious Ukrainian customs and on the urgent recommendation of our lawyers, we had to rebrand. Now we are 2 companies: Ortokon and Ortokon Plus. Our address: was - Kharkov, ul. Metalist 2, now - st. Metalist 6 (the next building we built). This four-level structure with the most modern stuffing, designed for fruitful work and rest for our employees. We are looking for the most talented, modern and purposeful; for the realization of ideas and opportunities, for building a career and obtaining decent incomes, namely:
  • dentist-therapist-endodontist (this specialist is needed urgently, but on a competitive basis),
  • dentist-parodontologist,
  • dentist-surgeon,
  • dental assistants,
  • Clinic administrators,
  • Clinic coordinator.
I warn you, the requirements for job seekers-doctors and assistants are incredibly high, but feasible: the presence of profile specialization and actual work experience in the specialty for at least 5 years, for doctors - a portfolio of works. Recommendations are welcome, but are not mandatory. Requirements for administrators are more modest: higher education, literate speech, computer literacy, the ability to organize their work without kicking by the authorities. In any case, do not be ignorant, bezdaryam, lazy people and professionals of the "average hand", please do not worry! If you do not treat them, then send your CV to: info@orthocon.com.ua The candidates selected on the basis of the resume will be invited for the interview (it is possible via Skype). Sincerely, Andrey Kushch & Co " In the news section


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